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Press Release: Dicar Networks Jumpstarts El Toro Youth Center Technology Education

Posted on 01/10/14

Dicar Networks Jumpstarts El Toro Youth Center Technology Education

Sophisticated firewall and software keeps kids safer yet allows them to access internet sites for easier, up-to-date online educational opportunities

Morgan Hill, CA – January 10, 2014. The kids at the El Toro Youth Center got a jumpstart in December with the generous donation of new computer and internet technology from Dicar Networks.

Over the last few years, the center’s kids have used this after school program to get help with homework and learn more computer technology skills which increase their hands-on skills, critical in school and many jobs in their futures. But the access to the internet has brought constantly changing challenges and threats as the number of unsuitable websites continues to grow and little was available to easily keep the kids away from those websites. Until now. Now that is changing with the help of Dicar Networks’ sophisticated network service which will help bring safer access for the kids using the Center’s eight computers.

The new system includes a firewall which can block access to unsuitable websites with various levels and reports of where the kids are going while searching online for information. The kids in this after school program can use the center’s computers while researching online for help with homework – anywhere from the capital of Maine to information on the Holocaust, and will selectively block out hate sites and “adult” sites. Various layers of access can be set depending on a child’s age and appropriateness so if junior high student is doing a report on the Holocaust, he might be able to access different sites than a first grader who is looking for information on different animals, for instance.

Dicar Networks owner, Armando Garcia, has become a huge cheerleader for the Center since moving his business to Morgan Hill and looking for a way to get involved with the community. He learned about the El Toro Youth Center which, until last year, had been funded by the Catholic Charities to the tune of about $100,000 annually. Now, the Center has to be self-sufficient.

“After learning about the El Toro Youth Center and visiting them, I discovered that I really supported the work that Alban and the staff are doing,” said Garcia. He continued: “the work they do touched me as I am a high school dropout and could have used these services as a child. I am also concerned that the majority of the population in California will be Hispanic and that we need to provide the best education possible as someday these children will be running the State. I believe that technology along with education is an equalizer and the education portion of the equation is being provided at the Center.”

“Technology allows for more rapid learning and exposure to a greater learning environment. That being said, the Center’s Computer Technology is older than five years. This will not properly prepare or assist the students for entering or completing mainstream formal education programs. The Center has done a remarkable job with the available tools and it can do a greater public service by improving the technology. I believe in the work that is being done at the Center and I believe that the work could be accelerated through a technology upgrade. The students at the Center deserve the best because they are willing to work on bettering their education.”

The Center’s supervisor, Alban Diaz, who is also finishing his undergraduate degree in psychology at San Jose State this year, has been working at the Center for over seven years. “Technology is essential to today’s academic and career success. Most if not all of today’s high level/high paid jobs revolve around computers and technology. This donation will help us incorporate better technology to the center and will allow the youth to develop technological skills that will be essential in their future.”

The Center is in need of more and newer computers than the eight computers it presently has.

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For more information, please contact Armando Garcia at [email protected].

About El Toro Youth Center

The El Toro Youth Center is dedicated to providing services to children from low income families in Morgan Hill. Located near downtown Morgan Hill, El Toro Youth Center is the hub of activity where children and their parents can receive drop-in services.

The center provides students tutorial service with homework, computer literacy classes, arts and crafts, sports, and other recreational activities. Parental classes include training and workshops on topics such as study habits, gang and drug prevention, and other related topics. The program serves nearly 500 youth and parents.

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